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Website Security Enhancement

Avoid the Headache of a Hacked Website!


Upgrade Your Website Security Today!

We all know that valuable items need some form of protection…

When you leave your house; you lock your front door.

When you park your car; you lock your car door.

And your website should be no different!

Your website should have a layer of defense to keep vicious characters away from harming your site.

Every Website Needs a Security Upgrade!


When Do You Buy an Umbrella???

Now, you may be thinking that your website is not the type of site hackers attack. After all, it’s not like you are storing sensitive data or hoarding billions of dollars on your website.

But, the fact is all website have some level of value to a hacker. In some cases your site can get hacked for the data, while in other cases your site can get hacked simply because it is vulnerable. If a hacker can gain entrance into your site, and there is nothing to take, the usual protocol is to leave something behind. You may have experienced this when visiting a website and an advertisement for “erectile dysfunction” medicine pops up.

This can be frustrating for the website visitor and the website owner!

Don’t lose out on traffic to your website and ultimately on product sales because of a hacked website. Upgrade your website’s security and rest well in knowing your investment is being well protected!

With our security enhancement service, you will:

  • Receive a web security review by an expert
  • Actively protect your website from malicious attacks
  • Defend website visitors from hidden attacks
  • Send traffic confidently to your site
  • Make Google and the other search engines very happy

Great! But do you really need to protect your website?


You may be under the impression that website security is only for very large organizations. And while the biggest brands in the world actively invest in security, hackers love to target smaller websites because to put it simply; it’s easy! If you do not secure your website, you are an easy target.

You may also be under the impression that website security has to cost an arm and a leg. And while it can for FaceBook and Amazon, for most of us, website security is very affordable and the reward completely outweighs the one-time cost.

Allow me to add:

  • A hacked website could hurt sales
  • The damage from a hacked site can be very expensive and time consuming
  • The internet as a whole is getting more concerned with security
  • Hackers are getting more sophisticated everyday
  • A small One-time cost can offer a big peace of mind

Our Web Security Enhancement Service Includes:

  • Inspection of general environment by a web security expert
  • Backup of the 2 files hackers target most often (Complete Backup Available Upon Request)
  • Premium Software Plugin activation and configuration (Only available here)
  • Closure of a few loopholes hackers love to attack
  • Post testing to ensure website is working properly


** Special Bonus When You Respond Right Away **

2 Additional Software Plugins for your website

This will offer you even more security at no additional charge. Both software plugins offer an additional line of defense against malicious attacks. To give you the best chance against hackers and to ultimately scare away would-be attackers, you need to be covered from every angle.

Special Note: Don’t wait until your website is under a threat to consider its security. By then it will be too late! Avoid the headache and immense cost of a hacked website. Get it now and return your focus on what really matters; running your business.